To The Under-Appreciated Mom: Happy Mother’s Day

Photo Credit: Mercy BC. Therapy & Support for Single Moms.
Photo Credit: Mercy BC. Therapy & Support for Single Moms.

Maybe you’re a single mom. Maybe you’re secretly pregnant. Maybe you’re married to a man who just isn’t into sentimental things like Mother’s Day. Or… Maybe you just need to hear this from another person: You are a wonderful mom.

Today isn’t really any different from other days. You don’t go to some fancy brunch in a cute dress. You don’t get a mushy card telling you how great of a mom you are. Perhaps, you were up all night with your baby. Someone who can’t tell you, “Thanks Mom, you’re the greatest.” Now, here you are doing another load of laundry. It doesn’t matter that it’s Mother’s Day. Stuff needs to get done and you’re the one to do it. Or maybe you’re battling morning sickness. No one knows how exhausted you are or why. Yet, you continue to do what you can to stay healthy for the little one growing inside of you.

I want to tell you how beautiful you are. You keep pushing through Motherhood because you must. You don’t look back. You don’t need flowers or cards to tell you how amazing you are. I’m sure you would love them but you aren’t fueled by them. You are fueled by your love for your child. You are fueled by your desire to look back at these years with pride. You will be a good mom, regardless of who knows it.

I want you to know that even if you were married to the perfect husband or had the most appreciative kids, you would still feel somewhat alone. No one will ever know the depths of your sacrificial love but you. It’s impossible. We can’t expect that. We can wish for it, I suppose. I know I do at times. Yet, isn’t there something so powerfully beautiful about our secret? That we love so deeply, so extensively, so unconditionally that it cannot really be understood by anyone but us?

Well, under-appreciated mom and all moms out there, I know your secret. I know your love, I know your sacrifice. You are not alone. There those of us who are lucky to have appreciative husbands but there are many who do not. Hug another mom today. Thank her for her sacrifice. Maybe even invite her to brunch. Let her know that her dedication is seen. Let her be acknowledged. She may not need the acknowledgement, but I’m sure it will be appreciated. It says, “I see your heart. I see your beauty. Thank you for your perseverance. Don’t give-up.” Happy Mother’s Day.

**Reflecting on this post 3 months later… So far, this is the 10th most popular post I have written. I wrote this post at the crack of dawn on my first Mother’s Day. When I woke-up that morning, I had such an overwhelming feeling of gratitude for my son and my husband. I eagerly greeted the day because I was so thankful for it (and I’m NOT a morning person). I decided I would start the day with a Bible reading. However, as I lazily poured myself some tea and snuggled into our sofa, I felt a deep sense of sadness. I was imagining the mother who couldn’t feel the same joy that I was feeling. I don’t know why this came over me… my only guess is that it was from God. I think He wanted me to feel this sadness for “under-appreciated moms” so that they could know that they are seen by Him and loved by Him. That’s why I wrote this post. You are seen and you are loved. **

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8 thoughts on “To The Under-Appreciated Mom: Happy Mother’s Day

  1. Reblogged this on RaisinEmReal and commented:
    As the day has gotten ahead of me it dawned on my that I hadn’t posted ANYTHING for mothers day. I came across this on my reader, and had to share. If this day has you a little down…for whatever the reason moms….this will make you feel instantaneously better. Have fun with the kids today, they are the reason this day even exists.


  2. Thanks for writing this! Not being able to bring myself to write about my lacklustre day, this has cheered me up. Although my kids made my day special, I fall into the “husband doesn’t get it” category. Am going to share this on my blog as well.


  3. Yep, this is probably my favorite post ever! I love your authenticity and encouragement. Maybe you should consider writing a book… 😉 Love you friend!!


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